In The Valley of Death

This week’s challenge was to write a story in three sentences. Interesting, and very, very difficult. Here’s my story below:

I always thought those people who stood on street corners and smelled like ripe cheese that ranted about the end of the world were, y’know, totally bonkers. When I woke this morning to a knock at my door and Death on my doorstep I started to believe maybe they weren’t so crazy after all…or that maybe I was.“Come with me,” Death said as he led me by the hand to survey all that was left of everything that I, and everyone else, had ever known: nothing.

What I saw in my mind’s eye was the character (a man) being led out of his house by a somewhat insubstantial hooded figure, to the end of the little pathway, and then, absolutely nothing at all – as if the entire earth had fallen away, like a cliff falling into the ocean. Like the Ivory Tower in the Never Ending Story after The Nothing has destroyed everything and it’s just floating there on its little chunk of rock floating through space. That’s what I saw that the character saw. That’s what I meant behind ‘nothing’. Nothing as in, nothing at all, the world had just fallen away, and if the guy were to turn around, he’d probably see his house standing there, and that’s it… I pictured him standing on the edge of a tall cliff, like looking down into the Valley of Death or something. But I didn’t know how i could portray that image in just 3 sentences, without context.

So now I ask the followers of my little blog here, if you so wish, to share your own 3 sentence story in the comments! I’d love to read them! and that’s what I call Flash Fiction!

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